Heads Up! Biden Admin Making Religious Exemption Registry

What could possibly go wrong?

The Daily Signal is reporting that the Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia has announced its intentions to create a new record system which will track personal religious information of federal employees requesting religious exemptions to the Biden administration’s totalitarian vaccine mandates.

The announcement, which has been viewed only 1,620 times at the time of writing this post, is open to public comment until the 10th of February, 2022. The agency’s notice summarizes its new database:

“This system of records maintains personal religious information collected in response to religious accommodation requests for religious exception from the federally mandated vaccination requirement in the context of a public health emergency or similar health and safety incident, such as a pandemic, epidemic, natural disaster or national or regional emergency; and/or any other lawful collection of employee information or data that is necessary to ensure a safe and healthy environment for individuals who are occupying PSA facilities, attending PSA-sponsored events, or otherwise engaged in official business on behalf of the Agency.”

There is no explanation as to why this database is being created, or for what purposes it will be used. To repeat: an agency within the Biden Administration is creating a database of “personal religious information” for undisclosed reasons. 

And maybe that doesn’t affect you right now. Maybe it doesn’t affect anyone in your family. It’s unclear to me whether this database will include just the agency’s federal employees, all federal employees, or potentially all those employed by businesses who decided to treat their employees like federal employees in mandating a medical treatment.

But we have already passed through the window of time when the government’s pandemic measures could be debatably  termed fascism, and when moves like this could be written off as merely peculiar or naively misinterpreted. We have barreled through that window into a world where state power and corporate power are consolidated behind a far-reaching, all-encompassing ideology that cannot be questioned in the virtual public square, that infects every aspect of daily life, and for which exemptions for dissenters are exceedingly rare (and now about to be tracked).

We have awoken today into a world with open air vaccine prison camps in Australia, social stratification negotiated by shifting goalposts and total compliance worldwide–and all of it justified by a narrative illogic collapsing before our very eyes.

Maybe there are some political theorists out there who want to still argue whether the original Nazis’ penchant for traditionalism negates the revival of their technocratic impulses in the ideological theater of their contemporaries–but they are missing the point.

We are–all of us who look at this news report and say “it doesn’t affect me,”–missing the point.

The point is that this is it. This is the line that used to be drawn in the sand, because we all, every single one of us, know what happens when tyrannical governments start creating lists of dissenters. We have seen this before. We have read about this. We have watched movies about this. We have fantasized about being part of the resistance to all of this. Those of us descended from survivors of this have spent long years digesting the mistrust and fear and black void of loss that sits over that history. And yet, here we are, all of us, amid a stage that has been reset again–replete with its camps and health passes, new media blaring out lies no one even believes to be truth any longer, and the veins of the public inflamed against the unclean populations of political and religious dissenters.

They are making a list of people who ask for exemptions. 

They are making a list of people who ask for exemptions.

They are making a list of people who ask for exemptions.

Who will be left to speak for you when its your turn to be put on a list?

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