Which Pandemic? Kids Killed by COVID vs. Fetuses Killed by Vaccine

Take a moment and imagine in your head the enormous number of kids that have surely been killed by COVID-19 so far since the pandemic started. Don’t worry about parsing the difference between whether the virus itself killed them or if they just had the virus at the time of their death–the data we have won’t make that distinction anyway.

Consider the tremendous urgency with which the case is being presented that we should vaccinate even young children. Consider the known risk of serious cardiovascular concerns in young people who receive the vaccines, and then calculate backwards how terrible the virus itself must be for them to warrant mandating that kids receive it anyway.

Don’t look it up yet. 

Just imagine that number. Allow yourself to come up with a lower bound for your expectations–the absolute lowest it could be based on all you’ve heard so far. And allow yourself to do the same for the number of kids who will incur serious side effects from the vaccines–including paralysis, unknown neurological conditions, myocarditis, or death–that justifies vaccinating every child anyway. What’s the upper bound of kids who you’re willing to let die from the vaccine to protect everyone else?

Let your conscience give yourself a number whether you want to admit it even just to yourself or not.

…And now you can look it up, or, if you trust me, keep reading.

The CDC reports that 757 kids (aged 0-18) have died with COVID-19 between the 4th of January, 2020 and the 4th of December, 2021. That link is for the CDC’s actual website.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen the pieces of that data presented to you over the same time period, except in a form of percentages and statistics about fatality compared to known infections, all of which made it sound much, much higher.

If you’re anything like me, the number you imagined was closer to 100,000 as a lower bound for the number of kids who have surely been killed by this virus that’s completely upturned our lives around the world, masked us up, locked us in, and shut down all but the most anonymous and globalized corporations.

Surely kids were dropping like flies across the country, especially in those pesky states that failed to move all of the kids’ classes online. It had to be at least in the thousands. Even when you consider “dying with” vs. “dying from” COVID, it had to be that high.

Didn’t it?

“Data shows more children are getting sick and dying from Covid” by Nigel Chiwaya and Jiachuan Wu, 14th Oct 2021, click image to read

Buried beneath the baited headline and the hype of “[m]ore than 6 million children have tested positive for Covid since the beginning of the pandemic, with more than 1.1 million new cases recorded from Sept. 3 to Sept. 30,” you can find it (emphasis added) :

Only a small proportion of young children with Covid get severely ill or die. Though weekly data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that Covid deaths among children under age 15 also reached its highest level in September, only 41 children died of Covid from Sept. 4 to Oct. 2.”

So let’s go back to that second number I asked you to imagine.

How many dead kids are acceptable in our quest to protect ourselves from the virus?

How about ~1,300 since we started vaccinating them?

Or, put another way, nearly twice as many as have died from the virus itself? Steve Kirsch shows how to calculate this figure from the VAERS reports using the CDC’s methodology to account for underreporting.

There’s another figure I want to include here though. And that’s 2,893, or, the number of reported fetal deaths following vaccination of the mother in the last eleven months. Comparatively, 2,170 fetal deaths have been reported in the last 30 years for all other FDA-approved vaccines in total.

Of course, if we use the same CDC methodology Steve Kirsch does to account for underreporting of that number, we get 118,613.

Around 119,900 if you add up both fetuses and kids killed by the vaccine.


A number closer to the one I imagined that justifies shutting down the world and turning everything upside down. Except we aren’t stopping these deaths. We’re encouraging them.

“California to require Covid vaccine for schoolchildren, Newsom announces” by Tim Fitzsimons, 1st Oct 2021, click image to read
“The case for mandating Covid-19 vaccines for kids” by German Lopez, 5th Nov 2021, click image to read
“Fauci backs COVID-19 vaccine mandate for U.S. school children” by Linda So, 29th Aug 2021, click image to read

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