Down the Depopulation/Toxic Vaccine Batch Rabbit Hole

Someone shared a link with me earlier this week that introduced some new information on vaccine toxicity by batch number. For readers who haven’t gotten the jabs yet, the card they give you includes a specific alphanumeric code for the batch of vaccines you allegedly received.

Cross-referencing this number from my own vaccine pass with the VAERS database is something that’s crossed my mind a few times, but typically it’s very difficult to get the VAERS searches to load, and frankly I just haven’t had the time. Thanks to this researcher, Craig Paardekooper, the data from VAERS is a bit more organized with special attention to the batch numbers.

So I managed to look mine up, and it appears that I avoided the most toxic doses. Interestingly, I had no reaction (other than some soreness at the injection site for a day or two) to the first shot, which caused more than twice as many adverse reactions as the second shot I received. There were more than 1,700 adverse reactions reported for both of the shots I received and 14 total deaths between them so far. The worst Moderna batches are associated with more than 4,000 adverse reactions and as many as 90 deaths.

It’s the second shot that triggered the temporary paralysis I experienced, and after plugging in that batch number alongside “paralysis” to a search through OpenVAERS, I actually found one other person who experienced something similar. Her paralysis also followed the second shot, however hers has persisted since receiving it, and my second shot was from the same batch as her first shot, so a toxic batch feels less likely of an explanation to me than just a similar reaction to the vaccination in general. Searching OpenVAERS for “paralysis” brings up over 12,000 entries.

And while I don’t have the specific batch number for the vaccine my grandmother took, the connection between blood clots and vaccination is pretty well established at this point, with the CDC even recommending away from the one my grandmother took.

But Batch Number is Where Things Get Downright Creepy.

Moderna (the manufacturer of the shots I received), designates a three part alphanumeric code for each batch. In organizing the VAERS data, Paardekooper terms these three categories “batch number,” “sub-group,” and “group.” The group number is furthest to the right or at the end of each code, and seems to be either “21A” or “20A.”

What Paardekooper shows is that the top 26 most reported toxic batches are in the 20A group. Each of these produced more than 1,780 reported adverse reactions. Interestingly, the number of reported adverse reactions also seems tied to the sub-group letter of each batch. And, terrifyingly, toxicity seems to decrease in alphabetical order.

For instance, in the 20A group, the sub-groups are coded either J, K, L, or M, where J appears to be the most toxic and M is the least. In the 21A group, the sub-groups are coded either A, B, C, D, E, or F. A appears to be the most toxic, while F is the least toxic. Here’s a video of Paardekooper explaining his observations.

What this data suggests is that the frequency of reported adverse reactions to the vaccines is not randomly distributed, but rather, the number of reported adverse reactions varies systematically by alphanumeric code. In other words, we expect to see a certain number of adverse reactions to any sort of medical treatment. We’re seeing that with the vaccines, however, the frequency of these reactions appears to vary based on the batch of the vaccine one receives. Furthermore, the toxicity of the batches appears to follow an alphabetical rather than random pattern. That ordered pattern suggests intention, forethought, meaning….

So perhaps then the batches were experimental in the sense that the companies were still trying to figure out a therapeutic dose even as the public was receiving them. Both Paardekooper and Jessica Rose present the data in different ways looking at the temporal order of toxic batches.

Plugging one of the batch numbers of the jab I received back into OpenVAERS, I observed that the reports vary over several months. I received the shot back in April, as a handful of other reports date their reactions too. However, there are also reports dated in March, June, October, and November. First, this tells me that our public health officials have failed to pull potentially toxic batches from the market based on adverse reaction data known months earlier. Second, this suggests to me that if there is intention behind leaving these toxic batches on the market, the intention is not  to learn a therapeutic dose.

If the presence of toxic batches in March and April of 2021 was an experiment to determine what dose should be administered, we’d expect them to pull those batches and adapt their product after the initial adverse reactions started being reported, right? (Especially when you consider that something like 80% of the vaccine batches only have 1 or 2 reported adverse reactions [or so I’ve heard, I can’t recall where I picked up that factoid]–that suggests the therapeutic dose is known).

So why weren’t they pulled?  Why were people still receiving this batch half a year after adverse reactions, including multiple deaths and disabilities, were being reported?

Well, What If The Point is to Kill?

Sitting with those questions, it occurred to me that I was assuming uniform and good intentions on the part of the manufacturers. What if that isn’t the case though?

What if the toxic, alphanumerically coded batches aren’t intended to establish a therapeutic dose but a lethal one? That intention doesn’t even require a vast conspiracy of everyone going along with it or even the vast majority of vaccines to be designed that way. Best practices would include a test group and a control group, which arguably is what we have, documented by batch number.

Of course, if you follow the tunnel that far, then the branches it opens out into are questions like whether specific populations are being targeted, or, whether this is the actual implementation of a depopulation agenda or just a data collecting practice round.

After seeing this video of a woman who lost both her father and step-mother six months after their vaccination, and then encountered another woman in the same town who’d recently lost her husband and son, I wondered if toxic batches were being delivered to specific areas. Is the point to hit certain ethnicities or political concentrations? Is it socioeconomic?  I received my jabs at a convenience store in a primarily white or black small town with a median income around $20k and strong Republican leaning.

If not based on any of those categories, then what about being based on how access was tiered? I’d nearly forgotten about the vaccination groups but this was actually the criteria I was asked about when scheduling my vaccination appointments. Finding details on these tiers is now buried under months of encouragement for everyone to get vaccinated, but the four access groups were originally divided this way: Group #1 was healthcare workers and long-term care staff or residents; Group #2 was older adults; Group #3 was frontline essential workers; and Group #4 was adults at higher risk.

I qualified under Group #1 (and answered that way when scheduling), but waited until Group #3 or 4 was being permitted to receive vaccination before making the appointment. I’d be curious to see how adverse reactions graph to access groups (or at least the points in time where different groups gained access), although I’m not sure those groups were universal.

If the depopulation conspiracies I’ve read are intended to dovetail to other phenomenon like supply chain or labor shortages, it might make sense to target Groups 1 or 3 with toxic batches.

…But who knows?  All of this is wild speculation.

There’s this Alan Moore quote that helped me find my way back from ledges like this before. He says:

“The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory, is that conspiracy theorists believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is actually chaotic. The truth is that it is not The Iluminati, or The Jewish Banking Conspiracy, or the Gray Alien Theory.

The truth is far more frightening – Nobody is in control.

The world is rudderless.”

These days I’d cut that with a dose of conspiracy realism. There may be no universal or overarching, grand theory, but there are certainly powers (plural) that be, rocking the boat in the direction they want to take us. Even if we lack fame, wealth, or influence, the power we have in the face of theirs is in how we choose to respond to the world in which we live.

And that’s why I write this stuff.  I want to make sure we all remember that. We have the power to choose how we live. We have the power to choose what of all of this we’re willing to consider is possible, and where that means we draw our line in the sand.

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