CDC Now Recommends Avoiding Killer Vaccine

I remember the second or third day of sitting in my grandmother’s hospital room. All around us on the same floor, patients were slowly passing away. Years earlier, my other grandmother had called those top floors of the hospital “the jumping off point.” You go from there to heaven.

Per her wishes, the doctors had taken her off of life support. And then we gathered around her bed to pray and to wait. Her primary doctor there in the intensive care unit had advised us that it would be a matter of minutes to hours. The local Catholic Church arranged for the monsignor to administer last rites as best as possible just beforehand. That’s how close she was to death. The hospital even suspended their COVID rules to allow us to be with her.

I could feel her though. I could feel her spirit all the way in the ICU waiting room before they’d allowed us to come back. The whole drive there I felt my grandfather’s ghost in the car beside me, seeming to comfort me, to advise me that this is it. He’d come back to pick her up.

In the daze of being around so much death, I’d doze off to dreams about the two of them dancing somewhere in the French countryside again. My grandfather with the borrowed car that featured in so many of their stories about France. The shameless rural men waving while they pee on the side of the road as my grandmother laughed so freely….

I was startled back awake every time her breathing pattern changed, hours, then days after the breathing machine had been pulled out from her throat. At some point on the second or third day, an article came across my phone and caught my eye. It was the first story I remember reading about blood clots developing as a result of the vaccines.

It Angered Me.

Here we were all gathering to give a sudden goodbye to this fearless matriarch of our family, who had faced down Nazis and Soviets alike in a lifetime none of us could imagine, and the very thing they discovered wrong with her was the thing making the news.

The German medical establishment’s love affair with Nazism had turned her off to pharmaceutical medicine a lifetime ago, yet the 24/7/365 media storm about COVID and the unprecedented, successful ideological campaign to inject these untested experimental products into our lives as though there was nothing at all to even question had worked its magic on her.

She gave in sometime over the summer. We wanted to see each other again, and we were both so afraid. Her newfound acquiescence to Western medicine resulted in myriad tests and scans of all kinds. Save for a few experiences that result with age, she was remarkably healthy.

Until she wasn’t. Until she fell into a coma with a blood clot in her brain stem and never woke up again.

Like Talking to a Cult

Months ago, before the election, there was a healthy dose of skepticism about the vaccine in my social circles. In the most cheaply partisan way, it all changed the moment Biden took office. If Trump were still POTUS, I have no doubt that my grandmother’s death would be tallied alongside the many other deaths reported in VAERS or mysteriously gracing the news. Friends wouldn’t ask my vaccine status or call anyone questioning corporate mandates of vaccination “selfish,” and “fascist.” Resisting mandates would be happening on mainstream talkshows, and the work by social media giants to censor dissent would be met with the full force of leftist and liberal ire.

Trump though can’t be blamed directly for this one. No one can really, and I’ll get back to that in a moment. So my family is left with our grief alone. Pushed out of social circles and religious communities, politicized for the sin of observing and having a normal human reaction to a horrific death with what appears to be a very clear cause backed by very clear before-and-after medical testing.

My anger comes out drip by drip as my life allows for it now that the initial trigger has passed. Like this morning, when the news report came across my phone that the CDC is now recommending that people not get the vaccine my grandmother received if others are available.

Why are they recommending that? Because women especially are dying from blood clots.

Will they pull the product from convenience stores and clinics around the world until comprehensive, long-term safety tests can be completed?  No.

Will they remove the liability shield that insulates the pharmaceutical industry from accountability for making a faulty, fatal product?  No.

Will anyone at all in the media, in public office, in medicine, in administration of the vaccines, or at any point in the chain from creating the vaccine to injecting it face any sort of consequence at all for the death or injury of anyone hurt by any vaccine?  Another no.

My grandmother trusted the medical professionals who administered that vaccine. We all did. She trusted in “The Science” behind it, in the safety studies allegedly completed, in the whole process and the media’s whole presentation of the risks of COVID. Now she’s gone. And the only acknowledgement of her death or of our pain at all by this entire mandatory, no-questions-asked vaccination cult is a toothless report on safety months later.

“CDC recommends people not get J&J vaccine if Pfizer, Moderna are available” by Berkeley Lovelace Jr. and Sara G. Miller, 16th Dec. 2021

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