An Aromatherapy Protocol for Vaccine Detox

Since the sudden death of my grandmother following vaccination, I’ve been in a slow process of reclaiming my footing in the natural health remedies that so enlivened our conversations prior to all of this pandemic mess.

One need which has been pressing on my mind is to find the herbal remedy which can unlock the damage caused by the vaccines. Many of the home preparations I’ve been stocking, including fire cider and several rosemary-based products, are traditionally indicated for immune health.

And while these will be helpful for supporting the natural immunity of my un-vaxxed family, I’m also concerned with the health of those of us who took the jabs, particularly those of us who experienced severe reactions.

The need to alleviate or protect one’s self from vaccine side effects remains a concern of mine exacerbated increasingly by the realization that there is neither long-term data on the safety or duration of these effects, nor an acknowledgement from public health officials that these are very real concerns.

Can an Aromatherapy Protocol Be Devised?

Folk traditions certainly offer us a rich history of home remedies for various ailments and conditions. Yet, the absence of tradition is apparent when one takes in the breadth of all that is happening with regards to both COVID and the new vaccine schedule.

Our ancestors, while facing flus and the common cold, didn’t face a potentially manufactured designer-virus. Nor did they face mRNA vaccination side effects, pandemics of heightened panic thanks to going on two years of media fear campaigns, or widespread immune system suppression thanks to mandatory allopathic treatments. In some ways it feels like natural health minded folks are starting from scratch.

But others are bold.

Pine needle tea is one remedy I’ve encountered over and over again both online among other herbalist bloggers, and in person from people who have treated their own COVID infections successfully with it. One natural medicine minded MD I’ve seen online has even referenced anecdotes of people successfully halting vaccine-triggered menstrual irregularities with pine needle tea.

At least one study has found that pine needles “exhibit strong antioxidant, antimutagenic, and antiproliferative effects on cancer cells and also antitumor effects in vivo and point to their potential usefulness in cancer prevention.”

A recent article by Dr. Mercola notes an expanded list of herbs which may be indicated for either the COVID virus or injuries from the vaccines. Pine needles made the list again, along with woundwort (Prunella vulgaris), neem, and dandelion leaf extract–all as spike protein inhibitors. Fennel, star anise, St. John’s wort, and comfrey leaf are also listed as spike protein neutralizers.

A Shot of Tea in the Dark

While hypotheses based on the alleged work of unnamed holistic practitioners abound, details about dosage, preparation, and duration of treatment are of course difficult to come by. Some of this is likely due to the stranglehold allopathic medicine still holds on what is permissible to say about matters of health when one is a licensed healthcare provider, and the highly politicized nature of the pandemic I’m certain does not help.

The other side of this is rather wise though. Health is an individual thing. I observe this all the time in my massage clients. The basics are the same for every person, but how we hold tension, how we react to the same stimuli, and where the impact of traumas and joys show up for us vary, wildly.

Treating health like a generalized thing which can be prescribed wholesale without care for the individual’s situation and a holistic understanding of their health is why so many of us have been injured by mandated or prescribed vaccines, and why allopathic medicine is the third leading cause of death in this country.

The alternative to this sort of generalized, product-driven thinking is to either work one-on-one with a professional we trust whenever we can, or to roll up our sleeves and try to draw the same insight from nature that guided our ancestors for so many generations when no doctor was available.

The lists provided by Dr. Mercola in the article I linked above are hardly a traditional protocol. But they are a starting point for research in one form or another.

And while it’s increasingly apparent to me that I can’t say one way or the other whether the vaccine injection I received will still do me in, a cup of fennel tea seems–at worst–like it might cause me to enjoy a fragrant herb in a misguided effort at self-care.

At the end of the day, it’s up to each of us to decide whether that’s worth the risk.

Whether anything is.

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