What We’re Learning About the Vaccines

Whether we see the same facts agreeably or not, and whatever you think of the information I’ve presented here, I’m wishing you good health and reminding you of your power to make it. -JP

I’ve never before considered myself “anti-vaxx.”

Even when I’ve chosen natural health over mainstream medical treatment, vaccines have always seemed to me like one of those “emergency” or “urgent care” situations where my trust in the developers outweighs my distrust of mainstream medicine more broadly, in a similar sense to the way I would trust a paramedic or trauma surgeon more than an herbalist if I were in a traffic accident.

Likewise, I was cautious about the timetable the Trump administration was putting forward for developing a COVID-19 vaccine, but my desire to get back to work was stronger (this seemed the only surefire way to avoid being shutdown by state order again). And my desire to see my grandmother who had been refusing company since the start of 2020 outweighed everything else.

I got both my shots back in April at a local convenience store.

I can’t recall ever being given information on known side effects beyond the person giving me the shot telling me that I might experience cold or flu symptoms over the next day. And to my recollection, I was never given any information on reporting vaccine injuries or side effects.

What Did I Put in My Body?

The night of my second shot, I woke up nauseated and freezing cold despite being wrapped up in multiple layers under an enormous down comforter. I tried to get up to check my blood sugar, get a drink, and maybe eat something, but immediately discovered that I could not walk. My legs gave way beneath me entirely, and it was like I could feel nothing from the waist down.

After crawling downstairs to the kitchen for a piece of fruit, then crawling back to my bedroom, I threw up and was overtaken by fatigue. When I woke up again, I was shaken and weak, but grateful that my legs seemed to work again. There was no information that I could find back then about side effects like that. I was even chastised for sharing my experience on social media, “because it might encourage vaccine hesitancy.”

(Interestingly, after looking into others’ stories about autoimmune reactions to vaccines, and in particular, people who connected vaccination to fibromyalgia, I realized that my own experience with neuropathy/fibromyalgia began in the weeks following a doctor’s visit where I received multiple vaccines at once in preparation for college–another post for another time).

If I had to identify a moment that I crossed over into questioning everything I was told from that point on about the pandemic, the vaccines, and what is happening in our world–the experience of being told that my reaction and fear of what it meant was irrelevant to the “common good” was it. All around me it seems is a world that doesn’t want to talk about genuine medical concerns and side effects, but that does want to push and bully people into making these decisions based on an unimpeachable political truth that “vaccines are safe.”

In the months since, I’ve been pestered by a lingering, probing worry, “what did I put in my body?” And all that’s been multiplied even more since my grandmother, who received the vaccine this summer, died suddenly from a blood clot which had somehow avoided detection despite recent and extensive check-ups prior to her vaccination.

In watching videos of athletes collapse and die suddenly, in reading about doctors and others likewise dropping dead, and hearing healthy young people discuss adverse reactions, I’m very concerned about what it is that we’re being given–pressured into taking, really.

Luckily at this point it’s not about whether I’m a quack or a conspiracy theorist anymore. We don’t have to talk about anecdotes like my own temporary paralysis or my grandmother’s sudden death. We can look at what science, doctors, and researchers are able to tell us now that more time has passed.

And that’s what I’ve put together below.

More than 25,000 Nervous System Disorder Events Reported in First 2.5 Months of Vaccine Authorization

I want to just jump right in with a big number here because having 25,000 instances of a specific category of reactions really challenges the myth that vaccine side effects are rare, and the presumption that serious reactions vary rather than cluster in type. In addition, that number also comes from only the first 2.5 months following vaccine authorization yet I’d wager that most of us are only recently hearing about the possibility that women in particular could experience these kinds of side effects.

These numbers are taken directly from Pfizer’s first vaccine file release, and the link provided there also includes video of testimony by women injured by the vaccines describing their specific experiences (notably including testimony about how vaccine trial data has been manipulated to exclude adverse reactions, and including testimony about acquired neurological disorders post-vaccination).

“Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and [Acute Coronary Syndrome] Risk”

While I can’t speak to what others have encountered, I can say that although I didn’t hear about any neurological reactions until recently, I recall hearing about heart and circulation related reactions possibly as early as the end of the summer.

Related to these concerns, Dr. Steven Gundry found that vaccination is increasing risk for acute coronary syndrome. Further:

“We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

Myocarditis and Pericarditis Affecting Young Men After Second Shot

This is the issue which by my reckoning has received the most attention so far. In part, this may because the CDC itself has validated it. From their website:

These sorts of adverse reactions have also been documented among men in the military. In June, the FDA added a warning of heart inflammation to both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

And then more recently, Pfizer added a new ingredient to their vaccine for children, tromethamine, a medication used both for increasing the shelf life of medications and stabilizing metabolic acidosis, a condition related to heart bypass surgery and heart attacks. (Tromethamine is also an ingredient in the Moderna vaccine).

Mixed Data on Vaccination Link to Stillbirths, Spontaneous Abortion, Ectopic Pregnancy

Where heart issues seem very clearly associated with the vaccine, the question of impact on pregnancy seems much more disputed. One analysis found that “the cumulative risks of spontaneous abortion […] were within the expected risk range.” Their results showed around an 18% risk, compared to an expected 11-22% range for pregnancy in general.

Nevertheless, there are a few counters to this analysis I want to highlight.

A Dr. Daniel Nagase in British Columbia, Canada, reported 13 stillbirths in just 24 hours at one hospital. And while a lack of media coverage or official recognition (and verification of a link to vaccination, aside from the doctor’s reporting that all of these mothers were vaccinated), the doctor is willing to publicly associate himself with this claim and has filed a report of it, in essence putting his career on the line to share what he believes is a genuine health concern of the public.

Related to Dr. Nagase’s report, an investigation has been started into an abnormal spike in newborn baby deaths in Scotland. By April 2021, there were nearly 1,000 reported incidents of post-vaccination menstrual irregularities. And anecdotally, one need only keep up with natural health accounts on sites like Twitter and Telegram where reports of severe bleeding, miscarriage, and other female reproductive issues are regularly being shared.

We can also look at the VAERS database itself. At the time of publication, it shows more than 2,500 incidents of spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy, fetal cardiac arrest, stillbirth, and related phenomenon in women who received the COVID vaccine.

Comparatively, there were around that many of the same incidents for all other vaccines together recorded by VAERS.

Natural Immunity is More Robust

Lastly, I wanted to include some research into natural immunity. This topic deserves its own post, which it might receive in the future, but for now, here’s a study which documented the strength of naturally acquired immunity in preventing re-infection and spread of the virus.

The study adds to a growing body of research comparing naturally acquired immunity to the effectiveness of the vaccines. For instance, we understand now that while vaccine effectiveness–which still may not be enough to protect from infection–wanes over time (hence the booster shots), natural immunity almost completely removes the possibility of reinfection. These types of comparisons will be ongoing, but natural immunity has already been shown to be effective even 14 months after infection.

On the other hand, “fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts,” (The Lancet).

One study’s researchers even go so far as to conclude that: “Individuals who have had SARS-CoV-2 infection are unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination.”

…And I think that conclusion is very meaningful right now in the highly politicized and emotionally charged environment of pressuring everyone to get the vaccine. To me, it feels like we’ve lost our sense of logic here. We’ve lost patience and we’re losing morality to a degree too.

We have vaccine trial participants telling us that their adverse reactions are being suppressed by the media, the government, the pharmaceutical companies, and the regulatory bodies which are supposed to oversee this. We have enough known and reported vaccine injuries at this point, they at least deserve a thorough consideration. And we have the failure of the product to do what it’s designed to do better than our natural immune systems.

Taken together, isn’t it at least worth investigating these things before enforcing drastic measures like segregating society into vaccinated and unvaccinated, or mandating that businesses fire people from their jobs for deciding vaccination is not worth the risk of horrific side effects?

Following the Science

With all of this information in mind, what does it look like to “follow the science” at this stage? At what point can we stop flattening hesitancy or resistance to mandatory vaccination into a function of right-wing politics or conspiracy theories, and have the adult conversation that there are both real and deadly side effects being documented and that the vaccine itself is failing to live up to its hype?

What frightens me the most is not paranoid-obsessive, medically facilitated tyranny (my family survived one of those already in Poland and Germany). I’m far enough in the countryside now that what state and federal governments are doing anywhere might as well be happening across the ocean. What frightens me is the fog of war that’s fallen over so many otherwise intelligent and critically thinking people who I know.

It’s like we’re living in two separate realities, colliding often only across a digital landscape these days.

In the isolation of that dissonance, I fall back on my training as a health coach and the mission of this blog really too. I’m not interested in the authority to tell anyone how to think or live or what medical decisions they should make. I am  interested in health, and a holistic vision of it at that. Foundational to that is this idea that I named my blog after. We are each Free to Live Healthy.

Sharing the truth–of my experience, of politically inconvenient research, and the like–is central to that. It’s vital to my own health and maybe vital for others getting back to their health too. And it’s vital to informed consent, which ought to be relevant in any medical decision making process.

Whether we see the same facts agreeably or not, and whatever you think of the information I’ve presented here, I’m wishing you good health and reminding you of your power to make it.


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