Enough Engineering, Bring Medicine Back to Its Roots.

There ought to be a law against medicating people without their consent. There probably already is. And it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

When I was a child, I was put on numerous medications for severe asthma, including various kinds of puberty-disrupting hormones. The side effects of these medications were, to our recollection, rarely if ever discussed with me or my parents. In large part, it seems now that they were unknown even to the doctors prescribing them at the time. Rather, we were caught up in a market-driven model. Symptoms = diagnosis = prescription (product). And the best consumers are those left in the dark about the products they consume.

New medicines weren’t prescribed on the basis that I needed an effect that they were shown to produce. No, new medicines were prescribed on the basis of being newly available.

I was the lab rat.

In the twenty years since I was subjected to these treatments, new studies have explored the damage wrought on the endocrine systems of children put on these medications. Neurological problems including suicide risk have been associated with others. And anecdotal evidence abounds among ex-patients identifying a connection between pharmaceutical intervention for asthma and onset of obesity, adult diabetes, and even gender dysphoria despite the research not catching up quite yet with what we ourselves already know.

When you come to realize that your childhood body was a sort of experimental playground for drug manufacturers and dealers licensed by the state, there’s a degree of mistrust and sensitivity you develop for future instances when say, drug use is mandated by the government or when powerful pharmaceutical interests explore their capacity to introduce medications into the food supply.

Meanwhile, even the acknowledgment of the long ancestry of indigenous wisdom all the world over regarding the use of plants and food as medicine is enough to earn the ire of the pharmaceutical industry’s apologists.

Imagine instead medicine that is freely available. Imagine natural medicine that grows wild. Imagine medicine manufactured by the sun and rain. Imagine the security of an entire ecosystem providing for your natural immunity and natural growth throughout the ages. Try to remember that this is the planet you already live on. This is your birthright.

For a wider audience, the Flint, Michigan water crisis–in which intolerable amounts of lead were found in the city drinking water–was a wake-up call to what elements of the natural living movement have been calling attention to for decades. The water supply is poisoned by agro-chemical runoff, toxic metals, and pharmaceutical traces delivered from millions upon millions of individual consumers. You are drinking antidepressants and heart medicine, birth control and testosterone.

Tomorrow will there be vaccines growing in your spinach?  Researchers at the University of California, Riverside are putting to use a $500,000 grant from the taxpayer-funded National Science Foundation to find out.


Whatever Happened to Natural Medicine?

So what if you don’t want to be exposed to chemicals that disable your reproductive capacity? What if you don’t want bipolar medication in your drinking water, or mRNA vaccines in your salad?

If those questions are still too partisan to entertain, imagine that you discover that you have an allergy to a certain kind of medicines. Or imagine your child’s body being disrupted by the side effects of a medication, new conditions developing, and the possibility of preventable disability forming in their future. Imagine how vigilant you must become in either of these situations when the trigger is so normalized and so commonplace, it could be in the water you’re drinking or the food you encounter at the store or in restaurants. Imagine being fired from your job for not consuming it.

The U.S. has decades now of evidence that few will resist either the presence of these conditions or the implementation of social control measures meant to stigmatize and ostracize those who, for whatever reason, do not consent. The question before us is not if  there will be a future where the normalized coercive or stealth medication of the populace becomes untenable for any particular individual–we’re already there for many people. The question is whether it will ever matter to a sizable and powerful enough segment of the population to stop it.

In this regard, our institutions of science and medicine have long ago failed. No institution which can rationalize the kind of damage done to children through the medications I and countless others were put on in the 90s and 00s is ever going to have the kind of ethical standards a healthy society needs from its caretakers. My example is hardly unique.

Modern medicine is instead driven by the profit to be gained from triggering a lifetime of compounding sicknesses, not health. And this makes sense given that we have John D. Rockefeller to thank for its hegemony over our very understanding of medicine these days. Medical doctors are not healers. They’re the middle men in a drug market, and now responsible for the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

So uprooted from the elegance and medicine of the natural world is this entire system that it can, with a straight face, study the engineering of plants to interject its own patented creations to alter the bodies of its consumers. Worse still is the possibility that the very thing being vaccinated against is itself a creation of the same industry. Can we even rightly call this medicine anymore? So many pharmaceuticals have their ancestry in natural medicine. Metformin was once goat’s rue. Morphine was once the poppy. Aspirin came from white willow, and penicillin from a mould.

Today we rewrite the story. Modern medicine is all that is given value. Traditional natural medicine is written off as quackery and statistically indistinguishable from placebo. Health that was once wild and free is made captive, patented, engineered, and manufactured. In this upside down world, putting vaccines in spinach makes sense. The natural body and the natural medicine that sustains it is the crazy idea.

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Free to Live Healthy is written by JP Mosley, a board certified health and wellness coach based in Abbeville, South Carolina.

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